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Left Handed Electric Guitars - Breaking The Mold Of Right Handed Playing

The reality is that most things were made or constructed to be operated by people who are right handed. This is also true of electric guitars. For years, they were almost exclusively constructed with the right handed player in mind. In the late 1960’s Jimi Hendrix came along, a left handed electric guitars graphics gibsonsleft handed guitar virtuoso that, because of the lack of options, had to play right handed guitars upside down. 


While this habit of playing a guitar upside down was as much style as it was practical, it still underscored the need to have guitars that both righties and lefties alike could play. 


Soon after Hendrix started playing upside down, guitar players witnessed the introduction of left handed electric guitars.


While it is understandable that many people look at left handed electric guitars oddly, it is not surprising, seeing as how most guitars that people have seen were made for right handed people. However, with the exception of the fact that the guitar was constructed to be used by left handed people, that is where the differences end.


Purchasing left handed electric guitars means that you are getting all the options afforded a standard right handed guitar. Even the latest, greatest accessories are available on either a right or a left handed guitar models. If you are looking for a left handed guitar with the standards of today’s guitar industry you do not need to worry that you are going to get a guitar that is not as nice or as loaded as a right handed guitar.


Another issue when purchasing a guitar is the cost of these guitars. In the past, a left handed player would invariably need to pay extra for a left handed guitar. With today’s new standards, having to pay extra for the same exact guitar simply because you are left handed as opposed to right handed is thankfully a thing of the past.


In the past, people who wanted play the guitar that happened to be left handed were at an extreme disadvantage. However, with today’s left handed electric guitars, those disadvantages are all but gone. Sometimes, there is no better way to pass the time than to sit down with your guitar and play to you hearts content. 


It is a hobby for many that while is considered recreational in nature, is far more than that. With the left handed guitars available today, anyone can experience this pastime regardless of what hand they favor. I recommend these Left Handed Electric Guitars Here because they are from the most reputable and credible source for musican instruments today.


Facts about Left Handed Electric Guitars

Left handed electric guitars are not easy to learn, but when you master it, you tend to become more of a highlight than right handed guitarists. The difficulty in learning left handed guitars lies in the fact that there are two ways to do it. Also, you’re more likely to learn the guitar yourself. Before buying your southpaw guitar, you might want to consider these facts if you’ll be the one using it. First off, you have to know what “type” of southpaw guitar you’ll want to play.

There is only one type of left handed electric guitars, and these are designed to be mirror images of the standard guitars, meaning that the thinnest string is still at the bottom and the thickest one is on top. There are standard guitars that when played left handed, are also considered left handed guitars. This type of guitar can make it easy for you as you can just swing the guitar around to learn it the standard way if you become frustrated with playing it southpaw.

As for the true southpaw guitars, you’ll probably be crawling in the dark with regards to learning it. There aren’t a lot of music teachers that can play left handed guitars, and even most left handed people play the standard guitar. With that said, you’ll probably be looking at guitar tabs and chords using mirrors as there aren’t a lot of left handed guitar tabs either. If you are still determine to have your own left handed electric guitar, the best place to look for it is on the internet.

Brick and mortar stores will have left handed electric guitars, but chances are that you won’t find a lot because there just isn’t a lot of demand for it. If you find any, you won’t get a wide selection. In this case, you can go online as there are a lot of retailers selling lots of left handed guitars. You can save time with online window shopping and you can also save money if you purchase your southpaw instrument online. Then again, your local store may sell them for an even cheaper price.

Left handed electric guitars are still being manufactured despite the low demand. Moreover, the local shops don’t usually hold them in stock. If they do, they’d sell it for cheaper prices rather than have it collecting dust in the inventory room. With that said, shopping solely online isn’t recommended. Compare prices and get the cheaper one. Click here for more info on left handed electric guitars.

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