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Cheap Bass Guitar - Tips Before You Buy

I love music.  I always have.  From when I was in grade school, I would, and still do, sit around the house listening to music.  And not for a while, for hours on end!  From when I was a small kid, I viewed music as way more than just a tune and words.  cheap bass guitar image

I saw music as release of some sort of feeling I had caught inside myself.  I saw music as a way to make an already great day better.  I saw music as a shoulder to cry on when I didn't feel like going to someone with my problems.  I see music as so much more than just a tune and words. 

Not long after my new relationship with music had formed, it was clear to me that I now had to learn to play an instrument.  Around this time, my father had a very talented friend who was a musician himself.  

Once I mentioned to him that I would one day like to learn to play the guitar.  What he said to me next I will always remember.  "Kid, you're better off learning the bass guitar.  Bands are always looking for a bass player, so you're more likely to get in a band that way."  

That was all it took.  From then on I pleaded with my father to buy me a bass guitar.  After months of begging, pleading, and extra chores, he finally bought me cheap bass guitar, and I'm not afraid to admit that it was cheap as dirt. 

I played the strings off that thing.  I played it up, down, backwards, and forwards until I could play every song on the radio.  As I got older, I realized he was right!  Everyone knows how to play guitar, but much rarely do you find a skilled and enthusiastic bass guitarist.  

It wasn't long before I began to regularly fill for different bands on bass guitar.  The years went by, and by resume grew.  I got opportunities to play with people and groups that I could of never dreamed I would get to.  I have made so many friends and memories by just doing something that I love. 

These days, there's nothing more that I love then to drive down to the local jazz club and make wonderful music with great friends for people who love to hear it.  It is some of the best leisure time I could ever ask for.  Invest your time into music, and allow it to give back to you in only the way music can. I recommend Buying A Bass Guitar Here because it's the most respected place to buy bass guitars online in today's music world.


Cheap Bass Guitar Ė Choosing and Buying Tips
When looking to buy a cheap bass guitar, youíre going to want to make sure that the item youíre buying is worth your hard earned money, if not more than what you paid for. This article will give you a few tips in choosing and buying a cheap bass guitar, starting with information on the various guitar manufacturers and how you can get the best ones for a cheaper price. After reading this article, you will be able to find the best guitar for your small budget.

Big Brands

The biggest brands in the guitar world are all too familiar. Names like Gibson and Fender will always surface in any topic about guitars. Yamaha also manufactures bass guitars but the brand is more of a music shop Ė they donít really specialize in guitars and bass guitars. This doesnít mean you have to skip the brand, even if they sell the more expensive guitars. Always keep the biggest brands in mind if you want to have the best quality for your guitar. If youíre planning to go with them, at least go for the older models as they are cheaper.

Lesser Brands

There are also lesser brands in the bass guitar world, and most of them come from the bigger brands mentioned above. For instance, Gibson has the Epiphone and Fender has the Squier. These brands are actually specific sub-brands, if you will, which are getting more and more of a name for themselves. There are tons of these sub-brands, and you might want to look out for the cheaper ones. For instance, Epiphone isnít really a cheaper brand, but you can find other brands by Gibson without paying too much.


Second hand bass guitars are always cheaper than brand new ones. The only risk here if it is still in pristine condition, which if it is, you can go ahead and buy it. If it is being sold by a musician, you can rest assured that it was used with care. The catch is that most of these secondhand guitars are bought soon after they are put up for sale online, so if you want a used bass guitar, you might have to wait for the one thatíll go perfect with your budget.
You can easily find a really cheap bass guitar online, but donít be fooled by this premise. Always check for warranties and guarantees from the sellers. This is your only savior if you make a wrong choice. With the tips above, though, youíre less likely to make a wrong choice. Click here for the top recommended place to get a cheap bass guitar.

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